How do I reserve a unit?

You may visit in person and pick a unit to rent, or after using the size guide and size list on our website, you can call by phone. If you wish to rent a unit within the next 2 days, you may reserve for free using our website. Your reservation will expire after 2 days. Otherwise we can hold the unit for 21 days with a non-refundable deposit based on unit size. Call our office  to make a deposit to hold the unit for more than 2 days. When you move in your deposit will be credited to your first months rent. For more information on this please contact us.

Can I use a storage locker for inventory management?

Yes, as long as you are not storing restricted items this is a perfect solution. (Restricted items)

Will you accept deliveries of packages for my business?

Yes, under very specific conditions we can do this for you. Please speak to the manager for more information about this.

Can my employees access the unit?

Anyone that you wish to give your access code, and a key to your unit may access your storage unit. However, in the event of a forgotten passcode or lost key, we can only allow the person who is named on the rental agreement access.

Will you match a competitor’s price?

No, we will not match a competitor’s price. But we do strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible, while offering you the best possible features and customer service.

Can I live in my storage unit?

No, as cheap as our rental rates are compared to an apartment rental, it is illegal for you to live in your unit.

Can anyone see what is in my unit?

Our units are fully enclosed and other customers will not be able to see what is in your unit unless you have the door open.

Why do I need climate-controlled storage?

Climate controlled heated units are perfect for items such as furniture, electronics, musical instruments, books, documents and precision tools.

What is the height of your storage units?

The industry standard is 8 feet tall. We have many that are 10 feet tall and above , which gives you more value for your Money

Is the building well lit?

Yes, the building is well lit inside and out, for when you are here after hours.

Do you rent moving trucks or trailers?

No, we do not. However, we do offer the free use of a moving trailer for your move in.

Do you offer moving services?

We offer free use of moving carts, trollies and dollies. We have a variety of moving and packing supplies for sale. We however, are not movers. We can let you know the names of some of the local movers but we will not be able to recommend anyone specific.

Do you have parking, and what size and type of vehicles can I park there?

Yes, we have space for the parking of vehicles of various sizes in our fenced in yard. You can park anything from a motorcycle to a 30-foot RV or truck. Contact our staff to find out more.

Can I store a car or boat in a unit?

Our drive-in units that fit vehicles are a very limited number at this time. Please contact staff for availability.

Can I keep a Motorcycle, ATV or Go Kart in my unit?

Yes, if it will fit through the door you can. All we ask is that it be drained of fuel before it is brought here.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can access my unit?

You can access your unit as often or as little as you need.

Can I move in after hours?

Yes, however the paperwork must be completed and signed during office hours. After you are in our system, you can move in whenever you want.

Can I change my entry code?

Yes, please contact one of our managers during office hours.

My code is not letting me in to the building. What should I do?

Usually it is because you have forgotten a number or put in too many digits. Always remember to put the * before your code number, and the # after it. Also, many customers use their phone number without the area code, try the number without the area code. In rare cases if you are over a week late on your rent payment the system will disable your entrance code. You can make a payment at the 24hour payment machine at the entrance by credit card, and this will activate your code. Otherwise, please contact the manager during regular office hours.

Do you offer 24/7 access?

Yes, your keypad code will let you into the facility 24/7.

What if I lose my key?

Contact one of our managers during office hours to gain access to your unit.

Do you have Security cameras?

Yes, we have monitored security cameras, on both the interior and exterior of the building that record 24/7.

Do you sell moving and packing supplies?

Yes, we sell an assortment of Moving supplies and boxes on site. (Moving Supplies)

Do I need my own lock?

Yes, you must supply a lock for your unit. For your convenience we sell regular and heavy-duty pad locks at our facility.

When is someone on site to answer my questions?

If we’re not in the office we’re likely somewhere in the building. Our office hours are 8 AM to 6 PM every day with one hour off for lunch between 12 and 1 PM. You can always reach us by the call box or by phone at 905-866-7464.

How do I get the free moving truck?

If you rent a unit with us, you can have the free one time use for move in of our moving truck (subject to availability). We require a minimum of 48hrs notice. Our driver will bring our 22 foot enclosed moving trailer to your location, you will load your items into the trailer, Our driver will then drive the trailer back to our facility where you will unload your items. There are conditions on time of use and the usage distance, so please contact staff for more information.

Can I use the Trailer for more than one day?

No, it is a free one time use on your move in day only.

Can I use it to move out when I don’t need my unit anymore?

No, sorry, it is for moving in only.

Can I rent the use of the trailer to move items from one location to another at any time?

No, sorry, the trailer use is a courtesy to our customers for their move in day only.

Can I rent the trailer from you to tow with my own Vehicle?

No, sorry, for insurance reasons this is not permitted.

How many carts and dollies can I use at one time?

You may only use two carts or dollies per unit at any given time, on a per person basis. If you have two or more units you may still only use two dollies/carts at a time.

Can anyone else have access to my unit if I would like?

Yes, anyone you wish to give your access code and key to your unit may access it. We will not provide access codes or cut locks for anyone who is not named on the lease agreement.

If I leave before my month is up, will I be refunded for any unused time?

No, unfortunately, the payment is month to month, and you pay for full monthly segments in advance. We do not pro-rate.

What are my payment options?

Pay in person by credit or debit card, pay by Cheque, pay at the 24-hour payment kiosk on site, pay with our website, Interac e transfer by online banking.

If there is no one in the office but it is during office hours, how do I reach someone?

Call our phone number or use the call box in the Payment Kiosk at the front door.

Am I able to switch units once I’ve already moved my stuff in?

Yes, it’s very simple to switch units. If you decide your unit is too large or too small for your items.  There is a small fee to switch units, just give us a call and we can help you switch.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer a variety of payment methods including a 24/7 payment machine accepting Visa, MasterCard, and cheques. We also accept Interac e-transfer, credit card payments by phone, debit cards in person, and payments through our website.

Do I need to sign a contract?

You will need to sign a rental agreement that is on a month-to-month basis. You may move out whenever you wish.  We require a minimum of 2 days notice for moving out.

How do I cancel my rental agreement?

We require a minimum two days notice by phone, text message, email, or in person. You must be out of unit before your anniversary billing day to avoid additional charges. No garbage items must left behind and the door must be left open. If you move out during regular office hours, just stop by the office and let us know when you are done moving out.

What is involved in moving out?

You can move out at any time. Moving out is Simple. Just give us a minimum of 2 days’ notice. Move all of your items out and remove your lock and you are done. See the FAQ for canceling a rental agreement below.