1. Choose Unit Size

Make a list of the items that you wish to store. Decide if you are using Plastic totes or boxes, and what sizes and how many. Refer to our size guide to give you an idea of the size unit that may work. If possible, tape off an area in your home that is the same dimensions as the unit you think will work, and place the items you will be storing in this area. This will give you a rough idea of what size unit will work for you. Remember most of our units are 8 feet high and you can use portable shelves, and the walls to stack items high.

2. Reserve Your Unit

It’s easy to reserve a unit at A-Plus Self Storage. You can visit in person and pick a unit (recommended), or you can call us direct at 905-866-7464. Also you may reserve on our website (CLICK HERE). We can hold a unit for you for up to 21 days with a small deposit based on the unit size. Your deposit amount will be credited to your first month’s rent payment. We accept Visa and Mastercard. For more information please contact us.

3. Move Your Belongings In

Our staff on-site will help get you setup and have you sign your rental agreement. All of your contact and payment information will be entered into our system.  We require payment for your first month’s rent as well as a small one-time administration fee to set up your rental unit. We will then provide you with the entrance door code so you can access the facility 24/7. We will explain the features of our facility and any rules and regulations pertaining to renting a unit from us. You will then secure your own lock on your unit and move in your belongings. Locks can be purchased on site as well. Remember to bring government photo ID and a lock with you on move in day. Locks can be purchased here on site. Click here for additional info on the FAQ page regarding signing the contract.